‘Gong Bath’ at the Nine Oaks Retreats


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Using the power of sound to lower stress in the mind and body, sound therapist Birute Jakucionyte harnesses the sound of ancient Tibetan instruments to bring inner harmony. During the meditation you will comfortably lie on the yoga mat for one hour. You can bring warm socks and a blanket.

Birute Jakucionyte – Gong master, playing Gongs and ancient instruments since 2006. Originally Birute comes from Lithuania, she is the author of two books and blogger (www.jakucionyte.lt). She is Lithuanian traditional songs singer since 16 years old. Birute organize sound therapy sessions, books presentation, craft workshops, children camps and events, ecology projects in different countries: UK, Germany, Norway, Ukraine, Denmark, Ireland and Lithuania.

Sound therapy is widely used throughout the world for its calming, stress lowering capabilities. It can be useful in controlling pain, insomnia, depression and high blood pressure. The vibrations can also help access the subconscious, increase creativity and stimulate the immune system.

How it Works
Birute uses the sounds created by ancient instruments such as gongs and singing bowls to switch our brains from a beta rhythm to the slower alpha and theta rhythms. The vibrations also spread throughout the body as our bodies are more than 90% water, thus the perfect conductor of vibrating sensations. What results in a subtle internal massage of all body cells.

Event address: Shaw Cottage, Hophurst lane, Crawley Down, West Sussex RH10 4LN, 07788561156 Elena




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